While the NFL is looking at prospects, we’ll be looking for Bigs. 


Build our list. Recruit our Bigs.


Start with our small ideas. If you’ve got some extra energy in the tank, go big. 

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Social media will be our MVP. Shareable, taggable posts align with key moments in the NFL Draft and encourage scouts to draft friends and family who will make great Bigs. 


We’ve grouped our social content into three buckets:

  1. Excite

  2. Educate

  3. Interact


Use our social content calendar in BrandFolder for guidance on when to post what type of content.



General managers pull out all the stops to convince elite-draft talent to consider their team during the draft.


Consider rewarding prospects who sign up to become a Big with prizes that leverage our NFL partnership, like signed NFL merch or tickets to a local game or the Combine. 



Every town has big, high-profile talent just waiting to be drafted. Let’s ignite regional excitement by drafting them. Publicly.


We're looking for anyone with a following, so think professional athletes, local celebrities, your mayor, the police chief, news anchors and community leaders. The more people you ask, the better. 


Once you get their permission to publicly use their names, we’ll help you create PR-worthy stunts to recruit them for all your town to see.

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Asset 1_2x_edited_edited.png

You’re doing great. Let’s keep going.


  • Follow The Big Draft content calendar.

  • Respond, engage and build hype on social.

  • Announce new drafts on social media.

  • Give the media a halftime report of your progress.


  • Host a drafting event in a local area and call on local personalities to help get the word out.

  • Incentivize potential new Bigs with NFL prizes.


  • Secure news coverage of your drafting efforts and events. 

  • Draft local celebrities with a PR stunt that gains media attention.

  • Work with your local NFL team to turn their field into a big billboard with messaging calling out your city, other players or celebrities to help recruit.