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After the Super Bowl, we'll kick off our draft process at the same time as the NFL and rally our allies to help us recruit new, all-star Bigs.


  1. Rally our organization behind one idea

  2. Recruit the next generation of Bigs

  3. Raise awareness of our program

  4. Become one of the NFL’s best partners


We’ve worked with individual NFL teams and players before, but this is on another level. This partnership means more visibility, more opportunity and more unity.


The NFL’s Inspire Change initiative aims to eliminate barriers to opportunity, with a focus on education and economic development, police-community relations and community justice reform. 


It supports several BBBS agencies in NFL markets through grant funding for Bigs in Blue, Sports Buddies and Mentoring Children with Incarcerated Family Members. The Big Draft will empower all BBBS agencies across the nation to utilize the NFL Inspire Change initiative to help recruit more Bigs.




Filled with ideas big and small, this playbook is an inspirational guide for all agencies, in cities with or without NFL teams. It’s up to you what you use.


We've intentionally broken some of our own style rules for this campaign to best align with the NFL Draft. The assets in this playbook are only to be used for The Big Draft — nothing else.



We aligned The Big Draft’s calendar with the NFL Draft’s timeline to build on the excitement of the process. 

Feb 9 - Feb 16

While the NFL is wrapping up its season, we’ll be starting ours.

Feb 23 - Apr 12

While the NFL is looking at prospects, we’ll be looking for bigs. 

Apr 20 - Apr 25

While the NFL drafts athletes, we’ll make our final push and raise our jersey to our new recruits.

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